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We welcome your questions! You can reach our main Reservoir Campus at 202-965-6600.
For the Elementary Program at the Foxhall Campus, call 202-580-7055.
For more contact information, view our Faculty and Staff Directory.

Looking for Baltimore Lab School? It now has its own website. Or call the main number 410-261-5500.

We enjoy a partnership with the AIM Academy in Conshohocken, PA. Please visit their website or call 215-483-aim1 (2461) to learn about their programs.

List of 14 members.

  • Katherine Schantz 

    Head of School
    Kalamazoo College - B.A.
    Harvard University - Ed.M.
  • Diana Meltzer 

    Associate Head of School
    Pennsylvania State University - B.A.
    American University - M.Ed.
  • Laurelle Sheedy McCready 

    Associate Head of School for Finance and Operations
    Stephens College - B.A.
    Harvard University - M.B.A.
  • Robert Lane 

    Director of Admissions
    Teachers College, Columbia University - M.A.
    Teachers College, Columbia University - Ed.M.
    Teachers College, Columbia University - Ed.D.
  • Noel Bicknell 

    Renaissance Club; Industrialists Club; Club Coordinator; Academic Club Teaching Service (ACTS)
    The Evergreen State College - B.A.
    American University - M.A.
  • Kim Brown 

    Head of Intermediate
    Guilford College - B.A.
    University of Virginia - M.Ed.
  • Angelo Carmina 

    Athletic Director
    State University of New York at Buffalo - B.S.
  • Marty Cathcart 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
    Smith College - BA
    University of Washington - BFA
  • Karen Duncan 

    Academic Director
    University of Florida - B.A.
    University of Florida - M.Ed.
  • Trudy Fleisher 

    College Advisor
    Tufts University - B.A.
    American University - M.A.
  • Daniel Hartmann 

    Director of Educational Technology
    Wheaton College, MA - B.A.
    American University - M.A.
    George Mason University - Graduate work toward Ph.D.
  • Jessica Lux 

    Head of Junior High
    Yale University - B.A.
    George Washington University - M.A.
  • Lisa McMahon 

    Head of High School
    East Carolina University - B.S.
    James Madison University - M.Ed.
  • Amy Oswalt 

    Head of Elementary Division
    Ohio State University - B.A.
    Ohio State University - M.Ed.
    Concordia University - M.A.

List of 3 members.

  • Doug Fagen 

    Director of Psychological Services
    University of Delaware - B.A.
    University of Rochester - Ph.D.
  • Courtney Heldman 

    Director of Occupational Therapy Department
    Washington University in St. Louis - B.S.
    Washington University in St. Louis - M.S.
  • Melissa Wood 

    Director of Speech and Language Services
    Williams College - B.A.
    The MGH Institute of Health Professions - M.S.
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