Why Lab?

Why The Lab School of Washington

Is it:

That Lab ensures every experience our students have at school is one that engages and stimulates their interest in learning?

Or that:
Lab recognizes that an education based in the arts is often the pathway to deeper learning for students who are inefficient learners in the print world?

Or that:
Lab understands that the social and emotional well-being of our students is vital to their ability and desire to learn?

Or because:
Our exceptionally qualified teachers and specialists work as a team to ensure that each child’s learning needs are being met?

These attributes — and countless others — place The Lab School in a category of one.

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  • Our Students

    Students at the Lab School of Washington are from many different races, religions, cultures, families, and economic statuses. They come from Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Their interests and talents are far ranging. They are intelligent, curious, empathetic, and bursting with potential. Many of them come to Lab knowing what it’s like to be embarrassed that they may not read or write as well as peers, to feel not as smart as their friends, to hide part of themselves, to be anxious about school. At Lab, they quickly learn that the difference is extraordinary!

    The Lab School of Washington is designed to best serve the needs of students whose cognitive profiles are in the average to above average range.

    Despite that strength, our students are primarily affected by what we call a Language-based Learning Difference (L-bLD). That learning difference is typically diagnosed as:

    • Dyslexia, or a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) in areas of reading;
    • Dysgraphia, or a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) in areas of writing;
    • Dyscalculia, or a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) in areas of math;
    • Language Disorder, or Mixed Expressive Receptive Language Disorder.

    Some of our students also have difficulty with attention and/or organization; typically, it is secondary to the language-based piece above. They also may have a diagnosis of ADHD and/or Executive Functioning challenges.

    Because we devote our expertise and resources to the language-based profiles above and create social-based learning environments for our students, The Lab School is typically not able to provide appropriate support for students whose challenges involve the social, emotional, or behavioral areas.

    At Lab, we don’t use the word “disability;” our kids aren't broken, they do not need to be fixed. They have different brains, and they learn differently than students for whom mainstream education is designed. Sally Smith, our Founder, had a simple saying that holds true: “Children who learn differently, need to be taught differently.”
  • Our Faculty

    Lab School teachers have a saying: “If the teaching isn’t working, change the teaching.” Our teachers go to extraordinary lengths to imagine — and implement — effective strategies to unlock each student’s potential. Energy, vision, and dedication are hallmarks of our team. We attract and retain talented and experienced teachers and staff, and invest in their professional development. All of our teachers are specialists in learning differences and more than 80 percent have advanced degrees, many in special education.
  • Our Program

    From first grade through high school, The Lab School provides a dynamic, stimulating environment that fuels the quest for knowledge. Our award-winning curriculum is multi-sensory, experiential, and rigorous. Students benefit from small class sizes and an exceptionally low teacher/student ratio. Individual attention, recognition, and positive reinforcement give young learners the skills and support they need to tackle our demanding, college-preparatory course load.
  • Clinical Related Services

    Every Lab School student benefits from one-on-one evaluations, resulting in academic strategies specifically designed to meet his or her needs. Although some Clinical Services are integrated into the classroom experience, your child may require specific additional clinical services to further enhance academic success. In fact, many of our students do receive some level of additional clinical service support. The fees for these services are charged over and above the basic Lab School tuition. Learn more about our Clinical Services.
The Difference is Extraordinary
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