Lecture Series for Parents and Professionals | Feb. 5

Feb 5


The Commons | Reservoir campus

Anxiety and Other Emotional Problems in Youth: Understanding and Treatment

Daniel S. Pine, MD
Chief, Section on Development and Affective Neuroscience
National Institute of Mental Health Intramural Research Program

This presentation will review from a broad perspective major symptomatic aspects of pediatric anxiety disorders as well as aspects of their longitudinal outcome and relationship to mood disorders.  The presentation will focus more deeply on treatment.  This will include a discussion of currently available treatments as well as a discussion of research in affective neuroscience.  This will focus on the ways in which neuroscience has generated ideas on novel therapies, particularly those that are arising through research on attention.  This provides novel insights for computer-based attention retraining therapies.  Finally, during the discussion period, discussion will be entertained and encouraged on the approach to particularly difficult clinical problems, providing clinicians with guidance in these scenarios.  This will include treatment-resistant anxiety, anxiety in very young children, and anxiety in highly-comorbid cases. 

Dr. Daniel Pine is Chief, Section on Development and Affective Neuroscience, in the National Institute of Mental Health Intramural Research Program.  Dr. Pine moved to this position in 2000, after 10 years of training, teaching, and research at Columbia University.  Since graduating from medical school at the University of Chicago, Dr. Pine has been engaged continuously in research on pediatric mental disorders, as reflected in more than 500 peer-reviewed papers.  Currently, his group examines the degree to which pediatric mood and anxiety disorders are associated with perturbed neural circuitry function.   Dr. Pine served as the Chair of the Psychopharmacologic Drug Advisory Committee for the Food and Drug Administration, Chair of the Child and Adolescent Disorders Work Group for the DSM-5 Task Force, and President of the Society of Biological Psychiatry.  He is a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and has received many other awards. 

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