October 23: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Vaping, E-Cigarettes and Juuls

Adrianna Bravo, MD
Health Services, Medical Director
Episcopal High School
Alexandria, VA

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Vaping was recently declared an epidemic by the US Surgeon General and, as many are recognizing first hand, it is a growing threat to our children. This risk, that nearly all adolescents now face, requires each of us to be educated about these nicotine (and illicit drug) delivery devices. We must be prepared to help prevent use by teens and support cessation efforts for those already experimenting with use of vapes. Dr. Bravo will provide a crash course in vapes and e-cigarettes, sharing the 10 most important things parents and educators ought to know. She will touch upon the increased pressures and risks these devices present for teens who also have anxiety, mood disorder or attention deficit profiles. The presentation will include slides, open dialogue, encouraging of questions, and hands on opportunity to become familiar with different vape devices in a show & tell style format. She will leave attendees with a summative handout that can serve as talking points for your own conversations with students.
Adrianna Bravo, MD is a board certified pediatrician who has worked full time in independent school health for 19 years. After attending Dartmouth Medical School and completing residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, she worked to establish a community and school health practice in New York City before then finding her way to working at boarding schools, first in Connecticut and now in Northern Virginia. Living on school campuses and working with adolescents for the past 19 years has allowed her an intimate and unique perspective on the health and wellness of today's teens. She is passionate about health promotion and disease prevention, engaging in school community beyond the walls of the school health center, and in developing care delivery models for school health facilities that serve to maximally integrate health and wellness into the daily life of students and their school community.
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