Athletics Philosophy

The Lab School of Washington Athletic Philosophy is one that encourages and allows for participation by all students at any level of competition.
We aim to promote character and teach many values to our students. Among the values that help our athletes and competitors to become responsible adults include sportsmanship, leadership on and off the field, commitment to one's team or activity, critical thinking during practice and competition, time management, self-discipline, and enjoyment. We believe that students will gain these and other values by taking part in The Lab School of Washington athletic program throughout their career. Our goal is to challenge our student athletes to strive to be the best they can be on and off the field. In truth, what really is important about athletics is to have fun, to fight adversity, to risk failure, to get up when you are knocked down, to compete as hard as you can, not to use excuses, and to learn how to win and lose gracefully.
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