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Lower School Morning Program

Tuition: $3,325 for completed contracts and full payment received by March 8; $3,630 after March 8; $4,190 after May 31

Students should bring a snack and lunch; they will have short snack and lunch breaks during the program. A copy of your child’s schedule will be provided at the beginning of the summer session.

Young learners enrolled in The Lab School of Washington’s summer program will benefit from daily small-group instruction as well as classes designed to enhance language, motor, and social development. A report from your child’s reading tutor describing literacy skills targeted over the summer, areas of continued need, and effective strategies for ensuring continued progress in literacy is provided after the end of the summer session.

Each child’s schedule includes the following:

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  • Reading Instruction – 60 minutes a day

    Students engage in daily, specialized small-group reading instruction, targeting phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies. These focused multi- sensory lessons provide the intensity and depth critical for emerging and developing readers. Students are grouped according to particular needs.

  • Number Investigators – 60 minutes a day

    Students become mathematicians posing problems, mapping out an approach, collaborating with others, building models, and thinking freely. Learning key words in math will allow students to succeed in solving problems emphasizing logic, critical thinking, attention to detail, and sequencing. Using a multi-sensory approach, integrating art, and involving hands-on projects, students will tackle a variety of math applications including number sense, measurement, estimation, graphing, and simple algebraic equations. Daily challenges and word problems will reinforce skills learned as students investigate the wide world of numbers. Students will learn that everyone can do math.
  • PE – 60 minutes a day

    All children take a movement class daily. Students work on coordination, balance, participation, and sportsmanship.

  • Academic Clubs – 60 minutes a day

    Our signature Academic Clubs immerse students in themed learning environments. Each Academic Club sets a dramatic framework for learning by creating an imagined time and place where every child plays an important role. Students experience hands-on, project-based learning designed to build language, content knowledge, and critical thinking with a variety of art forms. Students participate in one of three Academic Clubs. 

    • First Farmers – Step back to the start of human agriculture as we explore the lives of the first farmers. Which plants were first grown by people? How were wild animals domesticated? Where did the first farmers live? How did agriculture change humanity? We’ll pack in a year of planting, growing, harvesting and feasting as we imagine the lives of the earliest farmers.

    • Farmer’s Market – Calling all farmers! Join us as we start our own imagined farmer’s market. Students will each have a stall from which to sell their harvest to the hungry city dwellers. How much should you grow? What happens if there’s bad weather? How should you set your prices to best compete with the other farmers? And don’t forget about plenty of free samples to snack on.

    • Future Farmers – How will we feed 10 billion people? Step into the LSW Hunger Lab and get to work solving the problems of food scarcity and famine. As research scientists, we will explore new ways of growing and distributing food to feed a very hungry world. How can we grow more food, protect the environment, and make sure everyone has enough to eat?

Integrated Occupational Therapy Services

For Students Enrolled in the Lower School Morning Programs
This summer we continue our successful program of providing integrated Occupational Therapy services to all students in the classroom setting without additional charge. Our in-class collaboration will maximize your child’s summer experience.
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