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The Launch of the Steve Wolfe Teaching Innovation Fund: Teaching Differently to Learn Differently

At The Lab School, the “difference is extraordinary”! We are known for transforming the lives of students with learning differences — and their families — through creative and innovative teaching.

To honor the teachers who teach differently every day to meet the needs of our students who learn differently, two Lab families, Evan andSondra Wolff, parents of Skyler in Intermediate, and Tige andElizabeth Savage, parents of Lab alumni Molly and Nicholas, worked with Lab to establish a fund to support creative teaching at The Lab School. These parents felt strongly that their children had particularly benefitted from the kind of innovative teaching that is Lab’s hallmark. They watched their children make connections between subjects and have their eyes opened to new ways of the thinking and learning through the special projects and processes led by our teachers. These parents realized that these innovative, unconventional cross-functional projects must take hours of research, development, and preparation on evenings, weekends and over the summer plus personal financial resources on the part of the teachers to make their ideas reality.  

These generous parents offered to build an endowment fund at Lab with the specific purpose of providing a grant each year to one or two teachers selected by Lab to support and honor this creative teaching — up to $5,000 each year in perpetuity. They have committed to donating at total of $150,000 to make this happen! We are incredibly grateful! 

Congratulations to the first recipient of this new Innovation Fund: Intermediate Science Teacher Steve Wolfe. Steve has been able to fuse science, history, and the arts by creating the musicals “Einstein Walks” and the forthcoming “Ride Sally Ride,” which will be performed in May. For the students who participated and will participate in these musicals, the experience is transformational, epitomizing Lab’s “teach different” approach and the flexibility its teachers have to engage students outside the standard curriculum. 
Named for Steve Wolfe — one of many Lab teachers who exemplifies this kind of transformational teaching — the Wolfes and Savages established the Steve Wolfe Teaching Innovation Fund: Teaching Differently to Learn Differentlyto recognize and provide financial support to outstanding teachers who take extraordinary efforts to engage Lab School students through innovative teaching. The goal of the fund is to support and reward these teachers.
The Difference is Extraordinary
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