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Sleep, Memory, & Learning in Children: A Synthesis of the Scientific Literature

Many of us wish we had a better memory, particularly the night before a big exam or project. Conventional wisdom tells us to “get a good night’s sleep,” but this old adage seems outdated in our fast-paced world. The purpose of this summary is to review the neurobiological evidence supporting “a good night’s sleep” as one of the critical supports to optimize learning and memory. And, the good news is that many aspects of our sleep routine and schedule are under our control and can be improved with disciplined practice, thereby improving our sleep quality and memory.
The following summaries have been compiled by educators, clinicians, and researchers who are experts in learning disabilities, but not sleep. Sleep is an enormously complex research area and we have narrowed our focus to findings that seem most relevant to our work with children. We have attempted to summarize and disseminate these findings for an educationally-inclined audience.

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