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What is a Learning Difference?

Did You Know?

  • Learning disabilities are common. Recent studies indicate that approximately 5-10% of American school children have some type of learning difficulty.
  • The most common learning disabilities are language-based, which makes reading, writing, and spelling difficult. Eighty percent of students with learning disabilities find reading a challenge.
  • Difficulty with sensory-motor integration, motor planning and coordination, and executive functioning are common side effects of learning disabilities.
  • Attention disorders such as ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is not a learning disability, although it frequently occurs in tandem with learning disabilities.
Click here to visit–an excellent resource for the millions of parents whose children, ages 3–20, are struggling with learning and attention issues.

The Language of Learning Disabilities: A Student Friendly Guide

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Remove the Stumbling Blocks

If your child struggles with learning or performance difficulties, The Lab School of Washington can unlock the door to success. In addition to exceptionally successful teaching methods, we offer a full range of Student Support Services, such as Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Psychological Services, each integral to academic success. Each of these departments also offers Outpatient Services including evalutation and testing.
The Difference is Extraordinary

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