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Why Lab?

The Lab School of Washington is a pioneer in using art of all forms as a gateway to learning, to help students manage their learning differences and master challenging academics.

Our commitment is to recognize each student as a unique learner and to adapt our instruction to his or her needs. Through visual and performing arts, we’re able to help increase your child’s attention span, build organizational competency, enhance language and math skills, and — most important of all — bolster your child’s sense of self-worth. At The Lab School, we value the individual, and we’re intent on helping individuals value themselves as well.
Our Students

Bright, motivated, and invested in their education, Lab School students are uniquely poised to tackle the challenges of their learning differences (often referred to as learning disabilities). With average or higher IQ, emotional wellbeing, and behavioral stability, they are receptive and responsive. They work hard, take pride in their progress, and enjoy the confidence that comes from mastering our ambitious curriculum. 
Our Faculty

Lab School teachers have a saying: “If the teaching isn’t working, change the teaching.” Our teachers go to extraordinary lengths to imagine — and implement — effective strategies to unlock each student’s potential. Energy, vision, and dedication are hallmarks of our team. We attract and retain talented and experienced teachers and staff, and invest in their professional development. Most have masters degrees, and are highly trained in differentiated teaching, diagnostic-prescriptive teaching, and intensive academic remediation.

Our Program

From first grade through high school, The Lab School provides a dynamic, stimulating environment that fuels the quest for knowledge. Our award-winning curriculum is multi-sensory, experiential, and rigorous. Students benefit from small class sizes and an exceptionally low teacher/student ratio. Individual attention, recognition, and positive reinforcement give young learners the skills and support they need to tackle our demanding, college-preparatory course load.
Clinical Related Services

Every Lab School student benefits from one-on-one evaluations, resulting in academic strategies specifically designed to meet his or her needs. Although some Clinical Services are integrated into the classroom experience, your child may require specific additional clinical services to further enhance academic success. In fact, the majority of our students do receive some level of additional clinical service support. The fees for these services are charged over and above the basic Lab School tuition. Learn more about our
Clinical Services.
The Difference is Extraordinary

The Lab School of Washington

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