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Adventures in Science Fiction As Well As Along the Banks of the Yangtze, Amazon, and Congo Rivers

By the smiles on the faces of the kids in Lab’s Summer Camp and Summer Project, the four weeks immersed in adventure have been full of learning, exploration, and fun.
Summer Camp
The rising first through sixth graders at Lab’s Summer Camp were busy as bees creating, reading, exploring numbers, playing games in PE, and immersing themselves in their Academic Clubs — dramatic frameworks with a multi-sensory, experiential, and hands-on approach to teaching history, geography, mythology, civics, and cultural anthropology. Whether transforming their classroom into an Amazonian village in Amazon River Club, learning calligraphy — the brush technique used during from the Tang Dynasty — in Yangtze River Club, or creating papier-mâché models of reptiles and amphibians in Congo River Club, the young explorers reveled in their “travel.”
As one young camper said to his teacher as they walked down the corridor, “This was the best day ever! Especially in reading. I love reading now.”

Summer Project
For the rising seventh, eighth, and ninth graders at the Summer Project, the month was all about science fiction … and about process whether collaborating on murals, applying the Engineering Method in math and other problem solving activities, investigating and reading about the history and context of science fiction, writing original science fiction stories, or learning about stop-motion animation in film production.

At the culminating open house/exhibition, these creative students showed their parents the hilarious film they created (picture colored worms wiggling their nefarious way through the noses, ears, mouths, and eyeballs and into the brains of their victims in an effort to take over the world … mwah, ha, ha!) as well as the related projects and processes on which they collaborated over the weeks. All of it exceeded the expectations of “Lab School creative” but … was it fiction? Who knows? Watch out for worms.
The Difference is Extraordinary
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