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  • To Apply for The 24th Annual Power of Art Conference:

    (1) Complete the online application below

    (2) Upload your supporting documents/materials/files via the dropbox

    Your application will not be complete until we receive both your application and your uploaded file.
  • (1) Online Application

    • Before you begin, please review the application questions.
    • As some questions carefully thought-out responses, we highly recommend completing the questions off-line in a Word document, then cutting and pasting the information into the online application below IN ONE SITTING.
    • When you submit your application, you will receive a receipt by email that will include a copy of your application.
  • (2) Required Supporting Documents/Materials

    School Leaders/Administrators:
    • Current Resume/bio
    • Description of arts education philosophy
    • Current Resume/bio
    • A description and mini portfolio representing a successful lesson or unit using the arts in your classroom
    • Include a clear main idea being presented as well as the intended learning objective(s),
    • Assess the success of the lesson and any recommended changes or new ideas that resulted
    • Portfolio may include photos and/or video
    • A recommendation from your Principal/Head of School that reflects on leadership you have shown in your school
  • Submission Instructions for Supporting Documents/Materials

    • Create a ZIP file containing ALL supporting documents/materials
    • For instructions on how to create a zip file, click here.
    • Name the file using the following format:
    • (e.g., EMILY_HAMBERGER_POA2016.ZIP)
    • Upload your materials to the dropbox below by entering your email address, clicking Upload Files, and choosing the ZIP file.
  • Questions?

    If you experience any difficulties completing the application form or uploading your files below, please contact Diana Meltzer at for assistance.
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