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The Way We Teach

Thinking differently is the first step towards achieving extraordinary things. Consider Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, or Steve Jobs. Each of these inventors struggled with a learning difference. Each went on to change the world.

The Lab School believes your child is also capable of accomplishing extraordinary things; every aspect of our teaching is geared toward turning that belief into reality. Our award-winning curriculum is multi-sensory, experiential, and progressively rigorous. At Lab, students learn traditional college preparatory academics, but they approach them via an unconventional path. Our path stresses creativity, originality, innovation, and intellectual risk-taking, making Lab students better prepared for the 21st-century world they’ll inherit.

“Don’t just buy a new video game, make one. Don’t just download an app, help design one. Don’t just play on your phone, program it." — President Barack Obama

Lab School’s faculty is adept at understanding learning differences (often referred to as learning disabilities) and skilled in unleashing your child’s capacity and passion for knowledge. We have in-depth knowledge of the brain and its fascinating complexities. We also integrate up-to-the-minute teaching strategies (many pioneered here at Lab!) and cutting-edge research to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.

Lab uses art as a gateway to learning, a springboard to help your son or daughter manage their learning differences and acquire an extraordinary education. Coupled with the best teaching practices and leading-edge technologies, our program is tailored to unlocking our students’ unique talents, cultivating their gifts, fostering self-confidence, bolstering social skills, and preparing them for success in college and career.

To learn more about the transformative effects of our arts-based teaching methodologies, please read
Executive Function, Arts Integration and Joyful Learning

In compliance with the District of Columbia requirements, The Lab School of Washington has academic policies for all students. These policies vary by division. Some of these policies are described in the Parent/Student Handbook and reviewed annually. In addition, division specific information is disseminated to parents at Back to School Night and throughout the year when necessary. The Lab School uses an online learning management system for Junior High and High School students where parents and students are able to log on to the LSW website to view class syllabi, assignments, and grades throughout the year.
The Difference is Extraordinary

The Lab School of Washington

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