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  • Noel Bicknell 

    Renaissance Club; Industrialists Club; Club Coordinator; Academic Club Teaching Service (ACTS)

The Lab School is internationally recognized as the pioneer in educating children with learning differences (often referred to as learning disabilities). One of our most respected – and most frequently imitated – innovations are our stimulating, boundary-breaking Academic Clubs. Children in our Elementary and Intermediate programs follow one multi-faceted theme throughout the year, embarking upon a tactile, hands-on exploration of history, literature, geography, science, archaeology, sociology, and of course, visual and performing arts.

The success of our small group Academic Clubs is remarkable and measurable. They’re uniquely suited for unlocking the intellectual capacity of young learners who learn differently. While role-playing in an Academic Club, your daughter or son may:

• Explore the world outdoors as a ranger in our Club Discovery
• Revel in the mythologies of ancient world cultures in the Gods Club
• Venture through feudal society in the medieval Knights and Ladies Club
• Re-live the spirit of our founding fathers in the American Revolution Club
• Experience the rebirth of philosophy, art and literature in the Renaissance Club
• Curate collections of art and artifacts in the Museum Club
• Develop entrepreneurial insights in the Industrialists Club

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