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Children with learning differences can - and do - excel academically. Lab knows that  one key to unlocking the ability to learn is approaching academics through the arts.

The Lab School is a pioneer when it comes to integrating arts and academics.  Research proves that the processes that artists use  -- brainstorming, collaborating, drafting, creating, revising, and reflecting -- are particularly valuable when applied to science, humanities, math, and other challenging subjects.  These skills help students become creative and effective problem-solvers, uniquely qualified for the opportunities that await them in the 21st-century workplace.
Our many visual and performing arts classes encourage students to stretch their imaginations and tap into their creativity. From the earliest years, our rich arts curriculum develops critical thinking, increases attention, builds organization skills and competencies, leads to language enhancement, and bolsters a sense of self-worth: all essential components for academic success.

At the Elementary and Intermediate levels, art is central to our Academic Club experience.  As students progress through Junior High and High School, they enjoy an ever-wider choice of visual and performing arts options. Here’s a sample:

Visual Arts:

Visual Art
Advanced Drawing
Architectural Design
Portfolio Development
Set Design
Introduction to Movie Making

Performing Arts:

Beginning Music
Intermediate Music
Advanced Music I, II
Music Performance
Music Perspectives
Page to Stage
Radio Theatre
Rehearsal and Performance
Scene Study
Shakespeare I
Shakespeare II
Shakespeare Ensemble
Theatre Lab
Musical Theater

Digital Arts:

Art Tech
Digital Photography
Digital Photography II
Documentary Film Making
Film Studio

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