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“Learn by doing” is the philosophy of the Elementary program at Lab. The youngest Lab School students enjoy their own campus on Foxhall Road in northwest Washington, DC. The large building, with its quiet neighborhood setting, gives children ages 6-10 the freedom to experiment and explore in comfortable, age-appropriate surroundings.

There are no designated “grades” in the early years at The Lab School; grouped by age and maturity, children move through the program at their own pace, developing the strengths, skills, and confidence necessary for the academic rigors that lie ahead.

Art, music, and drama are core components of The Lab School’s curriculum at every level, starting in our Elementary program. Reading and language arts are an intensive part of each day’s work. Math, science, physical education, and The Lab School’s groundbreaking Academic Clubs round out the Elementary education.

Lab is among the leading alternative elementary schools for children with learning differences (often referred to as learning disabilities). Our unique approach combines services like speech-language therapy and evaluation, tutoring, and psychological services with multi-sensory and experiential programs to give students the best start in school and in life. It is this special approach that makes Lab among the most highly-regarded schools for children with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences.

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The Lab School of Washington

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