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Global Learning

Students with learning differences graduate from Lab uniquely prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await them in today’s global world. Part of that preparation involves a broad and deep connection to people of other nations and their particular political and social concerns.
Our humanities curriculum spans a wide range of international issues. Lab School students begin their appreciation of other cultures early and build upon that knowledge every year:
  • exploring international customs, food, music and art in our Elementary and Intermediate program
  • focusing on authors, poets, and essayists from around the world in Junior High literature classes
  • delving into pressing global issues in High School social studies
  • using technology to communicate with peers from other nations
We are proud of our ever-expanding study abroad program. High School students have traveled to places such as Costa Rica, England, France, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and China. Students engage their skills of observation, collaboration, creation, and reflection by blogging, video-taping, journaling, or creating digital photo essays of their experiences abroad.

Photos from the High School's Summer Trip to China

Lab Teachers Also Benefit from "Going Global"

Thanks to funding from generous donors, faculty have traveled to the Vesuvian International Institute in Italy, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands and beyond, gaining relevant experiences and knowledge that enrich their students at Lab.

The Difference is Extraordinary
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