Speech-Language Therapy & Evaluation

Our speech-language pathologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of spoken and written language disorders. We understand that difficulties understanding language, expressing oneself in an organized manner, articulating ideas, reading, and writing can have an enormous impact on academic and social success, as well as self-esteem. We are here to help your family understand and address communication weaknessses and the impact of executive function skill deficits on language. 
Speech-Language Assessment
Speech-language evaluations are provided to determine the individual language-learning profile of each student, project the impact of language difficulties on academic and social tasks, and generate a plan for fostering success.  Standardized testing, review of prior evaluations, and parent and teacher feedback are utilized in order to obtain a complete picture of each child. 

Areas of assessment may include:
•    Vocabulary                                  
•    Grammar/Syntax                          
•    Listening Comprehension   
•    Language Formulation & Organization   
•    Social Pragmatics   
•    Problem Solving  
•    Fluency
•    Voice
•    Articulation & Oral-Motor Skills
•    Written Expression
•    Reading & Spelling
•    Phonological Awareness

A comprehensive evaluation report is provided, along with a parent conference, to discuss the implications of clinical findings and generate a plan for success.
Speech-Language Treatment
Speech-language therapy is provided to address areas of communication skill deficit identified through an evaluation.  We utilize research-based intervention programs, in conjunction with a variety of technology, to help facilitate progress and keep students motivated. 

A specific treatment plan is developed for each student and progress recorded each session. 

Individual and small group therapy sessions are available before and after school. 
Billing and Insurance

Billing is charged on a fee-per-session basis. 

While The Lab School does not directly accept insurance plans nor deal directly with insurance companies, we do try our best to help families receive reimbursement for our clinical services. We provide documentation each month that may be used to file claims for reimbursement from your health insurance company.  Insurance coverage varies significantly by provider, so please refer to your plan for details regarding reimbursement stipulations, terms, conditions and limitations of coverage. 

For more information, please contact:
Kelly Mills, Speech and Language Therapy Department
202-349-8660 or
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