The Speech-Language department offers individual evaluation and treatment for Lab School students and other school-age children whose language weaknesses negatively impact their academic and social success. We also work with adults looking to improve their workplace skills. Our team specializes in language-learning disabilities and communication issues related to executive functioning.


Linguistic difficulties have a profound impact on academic success. Our individually-tailored assessments evaluate those weaknesses and identify a treatment strategy.
A broad range of skills are addressed:
  • retrieval
  • language processing and comprehension
  • direction following
  • organizing language output
  • grammar/syntax 
  • expressive formulation 
  • language skills associated with executive functioning.
  • Social pragmatics and verbal problem solving 
  • The impact of language-related strengths /weakness on reading, spelling, and writing
Once testing is complete, we review the outcome with parents and provide an in-depth written report that documents the results. Our reports include valuable insight about the student’s approach to tasks as well as informal observations.


Our goal is to help students overcome speech-language weaknesses, effectively navigate their world, and develop study skills and strategies. Articulation, oral motor skills, voice, and verbal fluency are explored and treated. State-of-the-art intervention programs and assistive technology are used to maximize treatment, when indicated. We also work with outpatient clients -- children and adults -- before and after school, individually and in small group settings.

Billing and Fees 

We charge on a fee-per-session basis, charging families only for sessions provided.  Each month families will receive an invoice.  The invoice will not include integrated service sessions. All sessions last the length of a 45 minute class period.

Individual Sessions:
  • 45-minute individual session is $112.50 per session
Group Sessions:
  • 45-minute small group session is $90 per session  

Speech-Language Summer Support

Our summer program is designed to boost speech-language skills.  We support phonological awareness, reading fluency, reading comprehension, social pragmatics, verbal problem solving, language processing and retrieval, and language as it relates to executive functioning and study skills. In keeping with the “summer spirit,” engaging activities provide the springboard for much of our work.   For more information, please contact: Speech and Language Therapy Department 202-944-3085 or
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