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After School

The After School model offers homework time every day with flexibility and fun in the options afterwards.

Lab School’s After School program is comprised of two parts this school year:

  • After School and After School Plus
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Students in both programs will spend the first 45 minutes of the After School program having a snack and completing homework. After this, students who are part of After School will join Katy Bose, After School Supervisor, in a free choice activity such as playing on the playground, playing board games, arts based activities, or another less structured activity. 

Students who are part of After School Plus will join that day’s class (see schedule and descriptions below) which will run from 4:15PM to 5:15PM Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, there will be no After School Plus - all students will gather together to watch a movie.

Registration Details:
After School and After School Plus will run for two terms this year. After School programs are available to students in Lower School and 5th and 6th grades only. 

Term 1: Monday, September 11th, 2023 through January 26th, 2024.

  • Registration for Term 1 opens August 28th, 2023 (in ParentSquare).
  • The deadline to register is September 5th, 2023. 
  • Parents will have until September 18th, 2023 to make changes to their child’s After School schedule, space permitting.

All classes are subject to sufficient enrollment.


$40/afternoon (before discounts)
“After School Plus” Classes: $50/afternoon

  After School After School Plus
Mondays $520 $600
Tuesdays $680 $850
Wednesdays $680 $850
Thursdays $640 $800
Fridays $640

Discount Packages:

3 days/week - receive a 5% discount
4 days/week - receive a 10% discount
5 days/week - receive a 15% discount
Please note the above discount will be applied to the daily $40 After School fee.

-Drop In Rate: $50/Day 

Students will gather in the Commons on the Reservoir Campus at 3:30 PM, sign in, and receive a snack prior to starting their homework and other activities/projects.
Examples of snacks include veggie straws, popcorn, fruit snacks, and chips. In case of dietary restrictions, contact Katy Bose. Students are welcome to bring their own snacks if

Pickup is at 5:30 PM. There is a grace period of 15 minutes until 5:45 PM, however, Parents/Caregivers who pick up students late more than three times will be charged $25 for every 15-minute interval. Notice of delay is greatly appreciated; please call 202-821-2547 to inform After School staff.

No After School on the following days:

  • Monday, September 25th (No School)
  • Monday, October 9th (No School)
  • Tuesday, October 10th (No School for Middle School students - there will be After School for Lower School students, Middle School families will receive a credit)
  • Wednesday-Monday November 22nd-27th (No School)
  • Thursday, December 7th (Noon Dismissal)
  • Friday, December 15th (Noon Dismissal)
  • Monday, December 8th-January 2nd (Winter Break)
  • Monday, January 15th (No School) 
  • For parent teacher conferences, families will receive a credit. 
  • Lower School Parent Teacher Conferences are on November 20th-21st, No school for LS students (families will receive a credit). There will still be After School for Middle School students. 
  • Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences are on November 9th-10th, No school for MS students (families will receive a credit). There will still be After School for Lower School students. 

After School Director
Katy Bose
Phone: 202.821.2547 (Please only contact the after school phone number during after school hours 3:30-5:30.)
Email: katy.bose@labschool.org

Please note: If you are picking up your child before the regular 5:30pm dismissal time, please ring the buzzer at the front door of the Castle Building and sign out your child.

After School Course Description First Semester 2023-2024

Mondays: Chess Club, Class taught by Katy Bose
Chess is not only a riveting board game, but also a universal language, ancient sport, and an art form with rich history. In this class, students will engage in a range of skills
including strategy and problem solving, differentiated lessons ranging from how to play and how the pieces move to increasingly advanced gameplay, history (famous chess
players and games), as well as etiquette and sportsmanship. ALL ages and levels of experience are welcome. 

Important Notes: Chess will begin at 4:25 on Mondays. Our first class will be on Monday, September 18th.There will be no Chess on September 11th, 2023. 

Tuesdays: Gardening, Nutrition, and Wellness, Class taught by Jon Alexis
Where does most of our nutritional sustenance originally come from? Plants, of course. As students get down and dirty planting, weeding and harvesting in Lab School's Reservoir Garden, they will explore the nutritional value of various edible plants. Students will alternate spending time working in the garden with learning to prepare plant-based bites and drinks in the kitchen. As the seasons transition into the colder months, students will learn how to set up small gardens indoors. So let's start growing

Wednesdays: Collage, Class taught by Matthew Trowers
In Lab School's After School Collage class on Wednesdays, students will learn different techniques/skills for making collages and working on collage projects. A variety of materials will be used including canvas, recycled materials, string, and other supplies of different textures for students to express themselves. An example of a collage project students will work on is identity collages. Identity collages are artistic representations that incorporate various visual elements, such as photographs, symbols, and words, to explore and express the multifaceted aspects of an individual's identity By combining different images, textures, and personal artifacts, identity collages provide a tangible and creative way for individuals to reflect on their diverse identities, including cultural heritage, experiences, and aspirations.

Thursdays: 2D Art, Class taught by Nick Moses
In Lab School's After School Arts and Crafts program on Thursdays, students will learn different drawing techniques and create art that is realistic, abstract, colorful, and experimental. A variety of materials will be used, including pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, markers, chalk, and paint sticks. 
Projects will include:

  • Nature and animal drawings
  • Faces
  • Clothing and shoe design
  • Graffiti and Street Art
  • Pop Art
  • Abstract art