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The Global Division and Online Tutoring

Access our unique, highly specialized approach to learning from anywhere around the globe!

Online school designed for students eight to fourteen years old with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other mild to moderate language-based learning needs 

For an overview of the Global Division, watch this video:

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Our online offerings allow students and their families a range of options so learning happens where and when it works best for the student.

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Our online program enhances students’ learning while minimizing the instructional barriers that get in the way of academic performance. 

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Since 1967, The Lab School of Washington has been transforming the way students think about themselves and about learning.

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What is the focus of the Global Division?

The Global Division provides daily synchronous online learning that prepares students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, to thrive.

Students learn both the academic and the self-advocacy skills needed to improve their academic performance by engaging in daily classes — each held for an hour — in the core areas of reading, math, and writing and weekly classes in the elective areas of science, social studies, and visual art.

We know that students take academic risks when they feel supported. We greatly value the personal relationships that develop among teachers and classmates and, our skilled teachers, with their small-group classes, ensure that these relationships are an integral part of the online learning experience.

How does the Global Division Work?

The Global Division is divided into two “schools”:

  • The Lower School for ages 8-11 (roughly grades 3rd-5th)
  • The Middle School for ages 11-14 (roughly grades 6th – 8th)

Students work synchronously with a skilled and experienced teacher.

  • Core academic classes, Reading, Writing, and Math, meet daily for sixty minutes each
  • Students are placed in small groups to allow for individualized instruction while providing a sense of belonging in a online environment
  • Focused on the development a toolbox of technology skills and self-advocacy strategies to enhance success in any educational setting
  • Electives classes, History, Science, Visual Art, and Academic Club, are offered and meet synchronously several times a week depending on the class

What classes are offered?
Students in our Lower School may choose to take classes in Reading, Writing, Math, and Academic Club

Students in our Middle School may choose to take classes in Reading, Writing, Math, History, Science, and Visual Art

Students who enroll in a full course load receive their transcript from Lab School. Enrollment in Reading, Writing, Math, and Academic Club is considered a full course load for our Lower School students. Enrollment in Reading, Writing, Math, History, Science, and Visual Art is considered a full course load for our Middle School students.

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