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When you first receive the diagnosis that your child has a learning difference, you may feel as if your world is spinning, knocking you off your feet. All your hopes and expectations for your child now seem to have questions marks following them; you may suddenly feel very alone.

But, at The Lab School, there’s an immediate language and a culture around this place that helps transform the whole family.

"I know Lab families say this, and it's a cliche, but for us, Lab has truly been transformative for our son and for our whole family. It's been life-changing, really. We are a happy family again." - Lab School parent

It is a relief to move from feeling alone to feeling understood, and that is the one of the main goals of The Parents Association of The Lab School (PALS). PALS purpose is to foster cooperation and community spirit among parents, administration, faculty, staff, trustees, and students, to promote understanding among parents concerning the school's objectives, and to enable parents to be of service to the school.

2021-2022 PALS Executive Committee

Katrina Holliday


John Hurvitz


Jennifer Miller


AdeLeaka Gore


Shannon McNamara

Community Outreach Co-chair

Loryn Blum

Community Outreach Co-chair

Daniel Wilson

Communications Chair

Kristin Sokol Krasnow

New Family Coordinator

Natalya Bah

Appreciation Chair

Jonathan Gallagher

Room Parent Chair

Kim Michienzi

Book Fair Co-chair

Melissa LaSalle

Book Fair Co-chair

Maisha Goss-Johns

Chili Cook-Off Co-chair

Micardo Johns

Chili Cook-Off Co-chair


Although Book Fair week is over, the Lab Book Store will remain open for the remainder of the school year and proceeds will continue to support Teacher Appreciation.

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Bookworm Central's selection is impressively curated, and we've also added recommended reading lists in order to aid parents and students in selecting engaging, meaningful books*

  • Diverse Reads
  • Neurodivergent Characters
  • Graphic Novels
  • High School Community Read Selection
  • Spanish Language Selections

*For those of you who choose to purchase books to donate in honor of Mr. Aaron Boose, there are several dozen options included in the recommended lists.  

Anti-Racist Education For White Parents at Lab 

White-identified* parents in the Lab community are invited to join facilitators Beth Wheeler (Gabe ‘25, Matai ‘27) and Kathryn Hamm (Caleb ‘25) in a four-part, introspective discussion series in which participants will take a deep dive into exploring racism, Whiteness and anti-racism. The group, which will be limited to 15 participants, will engage in didactic and conversational sessions with the goal of deepening our understanding of white identity, our own relationship to our racial privilege, the implications for our parenting, and how this might influence the steps we take toward racial equity. The group will build a safe space to explore these difficult questions which may provide a springboard to allow us to extend that same grace and sense of safety in the wider Lab community. By increasing our awareness of our racial identity and unconscious bias, we hope to become more constructive agents in nurturing a welcoming, inclusive and equitable environment for the entire Lab community.

Because each of the four, 90-minute virtual sessions offers a progressive learning sequence, it is requested that participants who opt-in commit to all four of the 2021 Spring sessions, which are:

  • Week 1: What is Whiteness (April 12 @ 7-9 pm)

  • Week 2: Privilege, Power & Access (April 19 @ 7-8:30 pm)

  • Week 3: Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions (April 26 @ 7-8:30 pm)

  • Week 4: Anti-Racism & Talking To Our Kids About Race (May 3 @ 7-8:30pm)

*For the purposes of this specific anti-racism discussion series, we welcome those who identify as White or are identified by others as White or have light-skin privilege.

Registration is now closed.

Our Parent organized online gatherings are held on alternating Saturday afternoons for 2-3 hours. Fees for each adventure will be collected to fund the hired Dungeon Masters.  Financial assistance is available. 

Creative and adventurous Intermediate and Jr. High students are invited to join. The D&D adventures will involve intriguing characters, monsters, and villains! Check out the official D&D website if you are new to D&D:

The Community of Caring is a Parent Association of the Lab School (PALS) initiative created by and for the families at Lab School. The emphasis is on helping foster positive community stewardship among our students and to assist families in finding fun and age-appropriate community service activities within their local communities. The Community of Caring does this through the engagement of a monthly volunteerism newsletter, group volunteer projects, a resource web page, and our 100 Acts of Kindness tally board! For more information or to sign up to receive the monthly service newsletter, contact Shannon McNamara at