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When you hear the words “ADHD” or “dyslexia,” do you think “disabilities?” Let’s dispel that notion right up front. At The Lab School, we don’t believe that a student who learns differently is disabled. In fact, many children with learning differences have an edge over peers who learn in a more traditional manner. To gain that advantage your child needs a school that understands how to unlock his or her potential.

Students who learn differently must be taught differently. Many traditional schools try to “accommodate” these students, but accommodations are not enough.

At Lab, we don’t believe solely in accommodations, we believe in achievement. We value every student as an individual, and we are specialists in identifying our students’ strengths and helping them capitalize on their unique talents and abilities. Students who learn differently need individual strategies and personal attention.

Our groundbreaking curriculum is rich, rigorous, and college-preparatory. Our methods help students master a curriculum that is innovative and inspiring, often using art as the key to unlocking academic roadblocks.

If you’re looking for a school that understands you, which will help you discover how you learn best, which will encourage your passions, shore-up your strengths, and help you achieve your goals, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for at The Lab School of Washington.

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    Robert Lane 

    Director of Admissions
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    Nancy Rowland 

    Associate Director of Admissions; Director of The Summer Project
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    Sadie Hendrickson 

    Admissions Administrative Assistant

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