Bang and Pop!

Elementary's Gods and Goddesses Academic Club wrapped up its year with a BANG and a POP!

After learning about how volcanoes are formed, students in Gods and Goddesses received their very own mini 3-D printed Mount Vesuvius. They used this model to learn about the scientific method and performed three baking soda and vinegar experiments to discover which measurements created the largest BANG!

Elem_Gods and Goddesses

Then, students learned a little about Andy Warhol and POP art and looked at Warhol's series of Mount Vesuvius paintings. They created their own watercolor Vesuvius painting in the style of Warhol POP.

Elem_Gods and Goddesses

Finally, students got to sample the recipe of 2,000 year old Pompeii bread. A timeless and delicious recipe, it seems.