It seems like a minute, it seems like years!

Last year, to create more spaces for students and faculty to use during hybrid learning, Lab’s gym was transformed into a warren of classrooms.

Reinstating Gym

With great excitement, the gym has been returned to its previous glory — with a spanking new floor and logo, which ironically was completed days before the March 2020 shut down.

Lab’s amazing Facilities team began removing furniture right after Friday’s graduation and by Sunday the gym was back … ready for the summer program and September!

Reinstating Gym

“The take down was not the typical ‘demo day’ sledgehammer-swinging event,” says Director of Facilities and Operations Mike Huber. “Fifteen people spent more than 200 person-hours disassembling the structure.”

Reinstating Gym

Lab has kept and will reuse much of the homasote paneling, sound baffling, and electrical conduit. Additionally, Lab will be reusing all of the carpet flooring on the renovated Middle School fourth floor.

A busy handful of days, indeed, and lots to look forward to!