Congrats to Marla Brazier!

Marla Brazier, Lab High School English teacher, has been nominated as the South/Mid-Atlantic Champion for her unwavering dedication to Eye to Eye and the 1-in-5 community over the last few years as Chapter Advisor at the Lab School of Washington.

Eye to Eye is a highly successful national mentoring movement that pairs kids who have learning differences like dyslexia and ADHD with college and high school mentors who have been similarly diagnosed. Matched with DC’s Stoddert Elementary School, Lab is in its fifth year as an Eye to Eye chapter; in fact, Lab was chosen to be the first DC-area high school chapter for the organization.

Marla Brazier

Ms. Brazier is involved in all activities as Lab’s Chapter Advisor — attending every art room, sitting in on weekly phone chats with student leaders, and helping facilitate chapter events. She serves as a support system for the program and an advocate for all that learn differently.