Junior High holds mock trial of the Boston Massacre

By Caitlin Krieck and Tyler Hill

December 15, 2021

The weeks before winter break were filled with tension and intrigue in Democracy class as the eighth graders participated in a mock trial of the Boston Massacre. Students studied assigned colonial characters and perspectives, analyzing the events leading up to and during the March 5 "Massacre" and prepared for their role in the trial. The entire eighth grade, complete with student attorney teams who independently subpoenaed student witnesses, conducted the trial professionally and with lots of dramatic flair. In the end, the student jury found the soldiers "guilty" and the defendants - nine proud "British soldiers" - were most unfortunately sentenced to death. Luckily, we've hit the fast forward button to after the war, we're all friends again, and we're moving on to the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution - a new country for a new year!