LabDrama Sails Home in THE ODYSSEY

This year's student/faculty production showed the story of Odysseus' journey home as you've never seen it before.

Odysseus stands alone peacefully, a smile on his face as he listens to the sounds of birds chirping. All of a sudden, an eruption of gunfire and explosions shatter this tranquil scene and the stage is swarmed by people desperately running to escape from war. 


This is the chaotic opening of LabDrama's most recent student/faculty production, The Odyssey. Co-directed by Lab teaching performing artists Jillianne Roos and Amal Saade, who also wrote the play, The Odyssey did not shy away from heavy themes. The Trojan War became a stand in all of the various conflicts throughout human history. Odysseus and his soldiers had to face the horrors of war, including things that they themselves did. His journey home was also a journey into himself to discover who he truly is and where he belongs.


The episodic nature of The Odyssey gave the play the opportunity to have many lighter moments as well. The sirens entered the story with a song and dance number and the start of the Trojan War was depicted as a game show where three Greek goddesses competed for the affection of Paris. The sailors' stop on the island of the Cyclops even led to a fun guest appearance from Head of School Kim Wargo!

The production design was also incredible, and the student crew transformed the stage into the Underworld, Mt. Olympus, and everything in between. Bravo to the crew and the student and faculty thespians who brought the story to life.