Mummies, Sarcophagi, Hieroglyphics … Oh, My!

Elementary Academic Club members in Gods and Goddesses Club were very busy during their last days of hybrid learning on campus making pyramids and learning about Egyptian burial rites.

To start, the Gods and Goddesses learned all about the complex mummification process, and then mummified their own 3-D printed skeletons using linen cloth, mesh, and papier-mâché.

Gods and Goddesses_Pyramids

Next, they learned about the importance and symbolism of the Egyptian sarcophagi, the burial process, and the process of traveling into the after-life. They cut and folded their own sarcophagus and decorated it with hieroglyphs and designs.

--Finally, they discovered the mysteries of the Great Pyramids and the sphinx. The club members measured out walls for their own pyramid, cut out the walls, taped the pieces together, and decorated the sides. They also used model magic to make their own sphinx to guard their pyramid, and then inserted the sarcophagus inside.

Gods and Goddesses_Pyramids

A fun way to end our weeks of in-person learning!