Talking Key Events in American History -- from 1750 to 2021

What goes in to creating an historic timeline?

In Junior High Democracy, headed up by Ms. Krieck, students have been immersed in a three-week-long Democracy Timeline collaboration.

JH Democracy_Timeline

The project challenged students to work together to decide which events in American history (from 1750 to 2021) merited a place on the timeline of key events and people.

Each class worked together, often with a student leader, to decide which events to include, what the class’ criteria would be for "importance" on an event or person, and how to assign the workload and chunk the steps of the assignments.

The class’ final task was to put our items up on our collaborative classroom timeline. Students rated each event after learning about it based on the criteria they developed at the start of the project, which was a form of reflecting on what they learned and on that event in the context of our modern life and our history.

JH Democracy_Timeline