Thar She Blows

Who knew that Mount Vesuvius was far more than just a beautiful mountain ...

Gods and Goddesses have moved from Athens — where they narrowly escaped the Plague! —  to land in Pompeii, Italy. Unfortunately, they believe Mount Vesuvius is simply a pretty mountain in the distance not an active volcano ready to blow!

Elem G&G Club_Earth's Layers

Once in the know, in preparation for the big eruption, students learned about the layers of the Earth and what they would find if they could dig down into the center of the planet.

They learned that the Earth is made up of four layers: the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust and that magma is lurking just below the surface in the mantle, ready to ooze out of cracks in the crust.

Gods and Goddesses used Sculpey clay to create their own mini Earths complete with the four layers, watercolored the layers, and made pop-up art showing the layers. And as a special surprise, their teacher, Aristotle, baked them a special "layers of the Earth" cake to enjoy as a delicious way to remember the four layers!

Elem G&G Club_Earth's Layers

Hold on tightly … next up is learning about plate tectonics and Pangea …