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Sara Hawkins

Sara Hawkins

Intermediate Museum Club Teacher, Head of Visual Arts, Grades 1-8


The Land Between Two Rivers

The docents welcome you ...

Created by curators from Lab's Intermediate Museum Club, headed up by Intermediate Museum Club Teacher, Head of Visual Arts, Grades 1-8 Sara Hawkins, this exhibition presents the Academic Club's findings as they researched the first civilization of Mesopotamia, "the land between the rivers." The curators studied what it took for this ancient civilization to begin, rise, and thrive, as well as its art, religion, architecture, education, government, warfare, and ultimate demise.

The curators initially began working together by gaining an understanding and appreciation of the roles museums play in the preservation, education and exhibition of cultural artifacts throughout the world.

The curators of The Lab School Museum then combed through this history of Mesopotamia and decided which artifacts to replicate, to exhibit, and how to express history's stories from this ancient era. Next, they transferred their knowledge to a virtual platform -- submitting photographs of the replicas, working with various online programs to express the information, and creating curation videos to accompany the material.

Throughout the exhibit you will see CURATORS CORNERs where you are invited to watch videos made by our curators discussing various aspects of their Mesopotamian studies.

As you "walk through" our museum exhibit, we hope that you learn something new and are able to better appreciate and understand those who in many respects paved the way for us -- thousands of years ago.

Thanks for visiting!