Payment Options

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FACTS Online Payment Processing Portal

The non-refundable enrollment fee of $2,500 is due to the school, payable by direct debit, with the submission of the online enrollment contract. This fee is applicable to the tuition balance.

Payments for tuition charges are made through the school's online payment processing portal. The Lab School of Washington offers several options to pay for tuition;

One payment in full, less a 1% discount, by May 31, made

  • Through a Tuition Payment Plan with the Lab payment processor, FACTS, or

Periodic payments through a FACTS Tuition Payment Plan

  • Three equal payments payable in May, August and November, or

  • Ten equal payments commencing June, or

  • Twelve equal payments commencing April

Students with overdue balances may not commence classes in the Fall, or return to class after the Winter or Spring breaks.

Payments for related services, after school, LABus, sports and ancillary charges are made through the School’s online payment processing portal.

By the 5th of each month the financially responsible party will be emailed a notification that a new invoice has been posted on the online payment processing portal for all services provided to the student in the prior month.

Once you have reviewed the invoice, you may pay immediately or schedule payment for the due date. Alternatively, you may instruct the payment processing system to always pay the balance automatically on the due date. You may review past invoices at any time.

Students with overdue balances are not eligible to continue to receive related services.

The Lab School of Washington utilizes FACTS/Nelnet Business Solutions to invoice and collect all payments online for tuition, clinical, and outpatient services as well as after school, LABus, sports and ancillary charges.

FACTS/Nelnet Business Solutions serves almost 5,000 independent schools throughout the United States. You may learn more about FACTS at their website:

The Lab School of Washington covers the $50 FACTS fee. However, FACTS does charge a $25 fee to parents for each overdue invoice.

  1. All recipients of The Lab School of Washington services are asked to enroll with FACTS

  2. To complete the enrollment, the financially responsible party must have at hand the banking or credit card information for the account to be debited as well as the email address(es) of the financially responsible party(ies).

  3. Once the enrollment is complete, FACTS will send a confirming email to the enrollee. At any given time the financially responsible person may access the invoice and payment detail utilizing the username and password created in the enrollment process.

  • The financially responsible party must designate the checking, savings or credit card account to be debited for tuition payments.

  • A different account can be designated for related services and other fee payments.

  • If you choose to pay by credit card, FACTS will pass along to you the credit card convenience fee.

  • For tuition payments, the financially responsible party may opt for a payment day of the 5th or the 20th of the month.

Parents agree and accept the obligation to pay the full tuition and fees for the student for the entire academic year, regardless of whether the student is absent, withdrawn, dismissed or otherwise ceases to attend the School for all or a portion of the academic year, unless written notice of cancellation is received by The Lab School Business Office on or before the cancellation date of May 31.

After May 31, the full tuition is owed to the School regardless of the student’s attendance.

In recognition of the binding nature of the enrollment contract, the Tuition Refund Plan is mandatory. This insurance is arranged through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. The Tuition Refund Plan will refund a portion of the unused Tuition in certain specific circumstances where a student withdraws or otherwise is removed voluntarily or involuntarily from the School - provided the student has attended ten consecutive days of school. This payment is subject to all Tuition Refund Plan terms and conditions, which clearly outline the specific circumstances of coverage and payment. Returning students who pay the tuition in full by May 31 may opt-out of the Tuition Refund Plan by contacting the Lab School Business Office to complete the required waiver.

A more complete discussion of the plan can be found here: The Tuition Refund Plan 2023-2024.

Please feel free to contact The Lab School Business Office with any questions relating to invoicing and billing:

Chris Hernadi
Director of Student Billing