Occupational Therapy & Evaluation

Occupational Therapy & Evaluation for Outpatients
Most children with learning differences can benefit enormously from Occupational Therapy, which promotes independence, ehances development, and shores up essential skills for daily living. Our therapists are trained to identify the developmental areas where your child could use additional support:
  • Sense of direction
  • Posture
  • The ability to control movement
  • Motor planning and coordinated movement
  • Sensory integration
Our outpatients are typically students from other schools whose teachers have noticed academic or social developmental delays. Parents may call us for an evaluation of your child, or you may be referred by a professional. As part of our service, we will observe your child at home or at school, then consult with you and your child's teachers to help your daughter or son become more productive.
Lab's OT Services include evaluation, treatment, and consultation. These are usually administered individually, although small groups of students with compatible goals may be scheduled together.

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