Occupational Therapy

For Lab School Students

Many of our students need and receive occupational therapy, which is offered as part of their IEPs. Information provided during the admission process, along with evaluations and/or screenings help determine if a student needs treatment. Some students also require physical therapy services.

Does my child need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy promotes independence, enhances development, and facilitates the maturation of skills for daily living. Our therapists are specifically trained to identify developmental weaknesses linked to learning disabilities: reading readiness, sense of direction, posture, the ability to control movement, motor planning and coordinated movement, and sensory integration.
Our Integrated Program

All Lab students benefit from integrated occupational therapy through handwriting or keyboarding classes, study skills and life skills classes as well as on a consultative basis, when a specific need is identified by the academic team. Physical therapy as an integrated service is available on a limited basis, in response to requests from the academic team. Although students may have “pull-out” (outside the classroom) services when more intensive therapy is needed, we help them take the skills they acquire in therapy and apply them in the classroom.
Students engaged in treatment receive an annual progress report that updates progress, identifies strengths and challenges, and makes recommendations for going forward. Our overarching goal is to maximize each student’s ability to be fully productive in The Lab School’s academic environment.

Evaluations, Services and Fees

Evaluations are individually tailored for each student and explore areas of sensory motor skills, in addition to the impact of executive functioning skills on academic performance. They are followed by a parent conference to discuss the detailed report provided. At that time, we will make recommendations to the family so that we can create an optimal learning experience for your child. The varying evaluation levels and their related fees are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: This includes 4-6 hours of testing, and the fee is $1,250.
  • Intermediate Evaluation: This includes 2-4 hours of testing, and the fee for is $900.
  • Brief Evaluation: This includes 1-2 hours of testing, and the fee is $500.
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