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The Summer Project at Lab for Rising 7th, 8th, and 9th Graders

Tuition: $3,325  for completed contracts and full payment received by March 8; $3,630 after March 8; $4,190 after May 31 

Students should bring lunch; they will have a short lunch break during the session. Students are expected to attend the entire four-week session.

The Jazz Age

Blink hard and imagine yourself back in the 1920s — the Jazz Age — a term coined by writer F. Scott Fitzgerald to describe this amboyant “anything goes” era that folded into the beginning of the Great Depression. What do you see? Flapper dresses, the Cotton Club, speak- easies, Al Capone and Bugs Moran? How about the emergence of so many great artists and thinkers from Zora Neale Hurston, WEB DuBois, and A. Philip Randolph to Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, and Louis Armstrong? Favoring new ideas, the Jazz Age was a period of great political, economic, and social change; the Great Migration was underway and the Harlem Renaissance rede ned arts and culture.

Through history, literature, art, math, and lmmaking, you will immerse yourself in this “age of miracles ... age of art ... age of excess ... age of satire” (Fitzgerald, again) as you explore fractions and ratios through the study of music and rhythm; create art after learning about Social Realism and the works of John Sloan or Modernist painter Archibald Motley; and read a Langston Hughes poem or excerpts from The Great Gatsby. The Summer Project will culminate in a collabora- tive documentary lm that showcases your newfound knowledge and excitement around this exuberant yet roiling era.

The Lab School’s successful Summer Project is a transformative way to learn; it offers students opportunities to develop 21st Century skills such as working col- laboratively and taking ownership of ideas with all the ups and downs that come with bringing them to fruition. Focused on group process and individual skill development, the schedule changes daily, making this camp experience dynamic and unlike a typical day of the school year.

Because summer vacation often makes it dif cult for students to maintain the progress they have worked so diligently to achieve during the school year, the Summer Project at Lab helps rising seventh, eighth, and ninth graders integrate learning of academic skills like writing and math through inquiry and creative problem-solving, researching, voice-over, art projects, and video production.

Integrated Occupational Therapy Services

For Students Enrolled in the Morning Programs
This summer we continue our successful program of provid- ing integrated Occupational Therapy services to all students in the classroom setting without additional charge. Our in-class collaboration will maximize your child’s summer experience.
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