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The Global Division and Virtual Tutoring

Lab School Online – access our unique, highly specialized approach to learning from anywhere around the globe!

Virtual School Done Right

Lab School Online understands that our students’ challenges have nothing to do with intelligence but come from differences in the way they learn. And because we know that, The Lab School Online knows how to teach our students differently to meet their unique learning needs.

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Our online offerings allow students and their families a range of options so learning happens where and when it works best for the student.

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Our virtual program enhances students’ learning while minimizing the instructional barriers that get in the way of academic performance. 

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Since 1967, The Lab School of Washington has been transforming the way students think about themselves and about learning.

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The Global Division

Online school designed for students eight to fourteen years old with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other mild to moderate language-based learning needs 

Consider Lab’s Global Division if your child has a language-based learning difference such as dyslexia and also…

  • experiences anxiety that prevents them from fully focusing in an in-person learning setting
  • also has attentional challenges such as ADHD that impact their ability to concentrate in a larger group setting
  • is being home-schooled and requires a more specialized approach
  • suffers from a medical condition that causes fatigue making a full day of in person learning difficult
  • prefers to learn in an online setting
  • lives somewhere that does not provide access to a high quality intervention program designed specifically for children with dyslexia and other language based learning differences

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Virtual Tutoring

Our Virtual Tutors — specialists in learning differences education — provide tutoring services that offer individual attention and skill reinforcement, giving each learner the extra support they need to succeed.

Consider Lab’s Virtual Tutoring if your child needs one or more of the following…

  • reading instruction that is based on the science of reading and uses a diagnostic prescriptive approach
  • an increased understanding of sentence formation and development of paragraph writing skills (including multi-paragraph essays)
  • development of their mathematical understanding by using a hands-on, concrete, representational, abstract (CRA) teaching approach

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