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Faculty and Staff

It is because of our faculty and staff that The Lab School is what it is — not only a leader in the field of learning differences education but, most importantly, a place that transforms the lives of children with learning differences.

“I can’t remember anyone saying ‘no’ here. Again and again, I am blown away by the knowledge of the staff, and the flexibility I am afforded around my own ideas. We feed off each other’s ideas and build on our own, which makes collaborating with colleagues and the administration absolutely energizing. I mean who doesn’t want to rock it in the classroom with that kind of support and excitement around education?”
—    Upper School English teacher

With robust professional development opportunities including training in Orton-Gillingham — a multi-sensory approach where teachers use sight, hearing, touch and movement to help students connect language with letters and words — faculty and staff at Lab focus on each child’s strengths. For students with learning differences who may have arrived at Lab believing that they are not smart or cannot succeed, helping them grow their confidence and discover their strengths can take time, and also a special kind of teacher.

It is no surprise that many members of Lab’s faculty and staff have stayed for 15-25-35 or more years. One staff member said: "Everyone wants to stay at Lab. Who wouldn’t embrace the opportunity to be flexible and creative every day? Frankly, it feels like an honor to be a part of Lab, to play a role in our collective mission and process of helping students with learning differences discover their best selves and succeed.”

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