Our Formative Pathway: Arts-Based Learning Across All Academic Subjects

Children with learning differences can — and do — excel academically. Lab knows that one key to unlocking their ability to learn is approaching academics through the arts.

The Lab School is a pioneer when it comes to integrating arts and academics. In partnership with some of the country’s top researchers in the field of neuropsychology, Lab teaches its students based on brain science. Studies show that for children who struggle as learners in the print world, art is one of the most effective pathways to deeper learning as it engages the child’s procedural memory, strengthens attention and stamina, deepens perspective and empathy, and allows learning to truly “stick.” And it’s fun and engaging.

At Lab, the arts are not electives; most students take one-to-two classes in the arts each day. Through arts integration, students transfer their skills to non-arts domains, and become analytical thinkers who approach problems and tackle projects from all directions. They use their own unique view of the world to arrive at unique solutions.

At the Elementary and Intermediate levels, the arts are central to our Academic Club experience. As students progress through Junior High and High School, they enjoy an ever-wider choice of integrated humanities through our visual and performing arts options.

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