Junior High

“At The Lab School, you are no longer that kid — the one who struggles to read, or who has issues with spelling. In many ways, you’re like everyone else. You can succeed at Lab. Believing in yourself — that you have the ability to go beyond what others expect of you — is the most important factor of success. Lab helped me do this, and it has changed my life.”
— Lab School Student

Geared towards students in grades 7 and 8, the Junior High School program focuses on self-awareness and self-advocacy skills as students embark on a journey of challenge by choice. The curriculum emphasizes building content knowledge and academic skills to prepare them for the rigors of High School. Intensive remediation in reading, writing, and math along with science, social studies, the arts, and physical education are part of every student’s daily schedule. Humanities are brought to life though experiential teaching; students explore the evolution of our democratic government and become more aware of their responsibilities as global citizens as they study other nations.

The annual 8th grade science trip to the Teton Science School in Jackson, Wyoming, is a memory-making experience. Students are immersed in learning about the Rocky Mountains and environmental issues of the region as they ski and snowshoe into the backcountry for all-day classes. Interscholastic sports and The Lab School’s debate team round out the Junior High programs.

This year, Junior High introduced a new program called CREW — a place for students to be themselves, have fun, learn about their classmates and talk about issues that are important to teens. In small groups led by two staff members, students learn about courage, responsibility, integrity, leadership, perseverance, equity, and justice through prepared lessons, interactive activities, and discussions.

In every division, The Lab School offers psychological services, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy, and evaluation to ensure each student has the tools necessary for success.

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